‚ÄčHeartland Baptist Church          1213 E. Phillip          Norfolk, NE           402-371-6372

      Wednesday, 7pm:

Topic/Study:   Learning to Study Scriptures

Meeting Place:   The Daberkows,

                           1207 W Taylor

Facilitator:   Riley Swedberg

     Thursday, 1:00pm:

Topic/Study:   Book Study

Meeting Place:   Kathy's, 1105 Sherwood Rd

Facilitator:   Kathy Bennington

      Sunday, 5pm:

Topic/Study: "Making Space For What Matters


Meeting Place:  The Princes, 1002 S 5

Facilitator:  Pastor Brian

       Monday, 7:00PM:

Topic/Study:  "Just Open The Door: Biblical


Meeting Place:   Heartland

Facilitators:  Glenda Pasewalk

       Tuesday, 6:00PM:

Topic/Study:  Prayer Group Meeting

Meeting Place:   Heartland

Facilitators: Reba Middleton, Laurie Baumert

      Tuesday, 7:00PM:   (starting Oct. 9)

Topic/Study:   Making the Best of Times Out of Your

                          Worst of Times:  1 & 2 Peter

Meeting Place:  202 S 18

Facilitator:    Pastor Rick